(Game starts)

Player: Hello, this is Super Mario World, I've never played this game before, but I heard it's fun, so lets see how it goes.

(Spots shell)

Player:Oh look, theres a shell, maybe I should kick it.thumb|300px|right|The video that it came from

(Kicks shell)

Player:Oh there it goes, heh heh.

(Spots koopas on cliff)

Player:Umm, what the heck are thoes things, I don't know what they are, but I'm not gonna get close to them becasue... umm. Anyway.

(Jumps and hits block)

Player:So you can jump, thats cool. You can do lots of stuff. So I hope there are no other things like...

(Sees Koopa come at him)

Player:Oh my gosh. Okay I'm just gonna avoid this, because I don't know what it is.

(Jumps over Koopa)

Player:*Sigh in relief*

(sees another Koopa come at him)

Player:Holy cow! Theres another one!

(Jumps and kills Koopa)

Player:Yeah, you take that you turtle!

(Accidentaly hits another Koopa and loses a life)

Player:Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I died, I died. So I'm not gonna give up, because I'm not a quitter.

(Heads to another place)

Player:So I bet this one will be better

(Sees Koopa slide toward him from a cliff)

Player:OH MY GOSH! Oh my gosh!

(Dodges Koopa)


(Sees a bullet Bill come at him)

Player:Holy Cow!


Player:Oh my gosh, okay.

(Sees another bullet bill come at him)

Player:Holy Shoot!

(Ducks again)

Player:Umm uhh.

(Sees Birdo come at him)

Player:Oh oh!

(Sees another coming the other way)

Player:I don't like this game, I don't like this game. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

(Jumps as they close in, and lands on one, slightly flattening it, both Birdos turn seperate ways)

Player:Okay, okay, okay okay, okay.

(Notices slightly flat one following him)

Player:Holy cow! He's following me! Gyah! Gyah!

(Birdo bumps into another Birdo, and turns around)


(Gets a Super mushroom)

Player:Holy cow.

(Sees Birdo, and jumps and flattens it)

Player:You dinosaur, you take that!

(Runs on cliff over Birdos)

Player:*Whimpers*. I think I-

(Hits a birdo, and shrinks)

Player:Oh my gosh! Oh no!

(Spots a poll)

Player:Oh my gosh I made it.

(Passes by it)


(Jumps on beam, and grows)

Player:Oh my god, I did it, I beat the game.

(Notices that nothing happens)

Player:Wait no, No! no...

(Spots, and jumps over birdo)

Player:Yeah I jumped over you!

(Sees more Birdos)

Player:Ah, now theres more of them!

(Runs backward)

Player:This is the worst game ever made!

(Jumps and flattens two birdos)

Player:You! Take that! I showed you!

(Runs into a birdo, and shrinks)

Player:Ahhhh, hah! Ahhhh!

(Spots a bullet Bill)


(Ducks under Bullet Bill, and begins jumping up in the air tauntingly)

Player:I jump up in the air. Yeah!

(Knocks away koopa shell)

Player:*Heavy breathing*

(Spots a bullet Bill)

Player:No, no!

(gets hit by Bullet Bill, and dies)

Player:NOOOOO! Oh, oh!

(Game over)

Player: I'll try one last time

(Birdo comes out of TV and kills him)

This page is contaminated with Chamamamanininini disease!!!!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!

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