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CompliensCreator00: My fried chicken ate six Compliens.

CompliensCreatorBro: Several Bakugan took over my city.

SonicAndKnuckles:Sonic The Hedgehog ate fried chicken.

Kh2cool:Woody and Buzz fly to Canada.

Faves3000:Mordecai And Rigby Cheesed Their Nachos

Batman123579: Mario dies after eating a Bagel.

Thatanimeguy: I like to lick little lolipops

Tornadospeed: I hate Microwaves that kill Foods!

somkid: I am a meat eating vegan.

Gray Pea Shooter: I like cookies they taste good.

Redsox1099: We can all be turds, people!



MissingNo.: Six Six Six Six Six Six.

Kirttygirl19: Kitty kissed Noah now in Equestria

Moon Snail:my taco will rule the world!

Nodog438:I like to fight talking salt.

mimitchi33: Mumfie is love. Mumfie is life.

NyanGir: My chicken goes by Mr. Taco

Toons, Games!, Chawictwes, Downwoads!, Stowe!, An-eeeeeeemaale

  • Compliens
  • Humanoids
  • Fried Chicken
  • I
  • Mr. Mister
  • eeeeeeeeemaaaaaale
  • Mr. E
  • Doofenshmirtz
  • Kitty
  • Noah
  • A cherry
  • Dora
  • Vanessa
  • Nodog
  • Talking salt
  • Exotic type mammals
  • Koopa

Let the random-ness BEGIN!

Humanoids ate the Compliens' fried chicken. I think fried chicken is wierd. Knuckles The Echidna ate fried chicken. O YEAH TAKE DAT. Mr. Mister ate Mr. E. Mr. E ate tacos. Tacos are the awesomest food. Doofenshmirtz saw Mr. E eating tacos. He got jealous and wanted them. eeeeeeeeeeemaaaaaale stole Mr.E's beloved taco. He was worried, and decided to find out how to get a Robotic mr.D to develop talking weevils for his new lunch that doofensmirtz stole to not be jealous of Sawyer's marvelous CAPS LOCK and Gibbs' pizza. So the president banned pizza until Noah and Kitty made out. A cherry made out with Dora. Dora then took a dump in a pizza wasteland then kissed Vanessa. Nodog just fought a talking salt. Everycat killed the talking salt. NoahkissedKittygirl.Exotic type mammals stole Koopa's pancakes. Koopa exploded and paramedics helped him.

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