Bob and Bill are running away from giant maneating pancakes. It was creepy and they tripped on logs and then they cried. The pancake laughed and told them that that log wasn't a log. Bill and Bob cried but then a giant explosion came from outside. The world became green.

"Somebody let off a bomb!" Shouted the pancake.

"A bomb? That's a daycare. That was probably..." Bill started saying this but he saw the pancake fainting.

"I know... a fart..." the pancake died. It was really sad. So sad that Bill cried so much that he flooded the world. Then he and Bob become fishies. (FISHIES! YIPPE FISHIES) They were sad because the pancake tried to kill them so they were close. They didn't understand that even though he is close to you it doesn't mean that they are close to you in a good way. But they still cried until the Solar System flooded. Then the two fishies swam. They started singing a song about muffins.

It goes like this:

One morning I was crying, so I had a muffin.

I was as happy as a zookeeper with a puffin.

I was not unhappy or angry.

I was super-duper glad-happy.

I ate you, muffin, and I loved you.

You made me need to go poopoo.

Then I went to sleep, but then I remembeeeeeeeeeeeeeered.

(song ends)

"What did we remember?" Bill asked.

"That we forgot to wipe!" Bob replied.


"Well on the upside, we have an exuse when the police question us for commiting the crime of not wiping." Bob said.

"What is that?" Bill asked.

"That we like bacon!" Bob said.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" The beluga whales that were sitting next to them starting singing a song about bacon. The two fishies started singing, too.

This is how it goes:

Bacon makes me sappy!

Bacon makes me happy!

Bacon makes me flappy!

Bacon makes me nappy!

Bacon makes me sleep!

  • snore*

Bacon makes me sublime!

Bacon makes me hate limes!

Bacon makes me watch time!

Bacon can go on wood chimes!


The End!

Husk at spise bacon! (I put that sentence in Danish for no reason whatsoever. :))

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