That Peaclock is so Zyxterious. How its cutting down that trea and yelling TIMBRE! So lets travel into Spaec and ignore him. We will watch some Satelevision. Then mention how the Plusion is so Ploft.

Even though the Stormalites took out our Votl, we have these nice Candelas and Menoras to light up the room. I miss how our Shroomdelier would give the room a nice shine. Even the Tralights are out of power today. You know, this spacecraft seems so Plani.

For breakfast, should I have some Pancaikz or Waffelz? Then wash it down with some Whatter. I should build a Tangramian with my set of Tagrapieces. The view is burry, I'll need a pair of Glasos.

You edit and add, MORE!

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