ONLY MOCHLUM CAN EDIT! Only read if you've gotten to Chapter 6 of the The Epic Story of Bacon.

Chapter 6 1/2

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Harry Potter, Ronald McDonald, Jerry the Platypus: We escaped Chapter 6 of The Epic Story of Bacon! / Numburger!

Harry Potter: Where are we now?

Ferb: *shrugs*

Phineas: Let's check the title of the page. *peers up at the title* We must be in some sort of cheese place.

Ronald McDonald: CHEESE!

Isabella: Ronald?

Jerry: Roozanool?

Ronald McDonald: Sorry, I just like cheese. :/

Cheese: *jumps out* Look, it's aliens!

Cheddar: AAH! ALIENS! *runs in circles*

Everyone but the Cheeses: O_o

Cheese: Calm, down! Let's see if they come in peace.

Cheddar: I'll ch-check. *walks over to the "aliens" and mutters to himself* Did he say peace or peaces?

Isabella: Hi, there!

Cheddar: Do y-you c-come in p-peaces?

Harry Potter: No, we're not maimed or splinched.

Cheddar: O_O *starts hyperventilating* RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! *him and cheese run*

Jerry: Glumbockshimboo.

Harry Potter: Jerry's right, let's try getting out of here.

Phineas: Let's try finding a hole!

Ronald McDonald: You mean plot holes or literal holes?

Ferb: Whatever works.

Isabella: Look, down there! *points at hole*

Everyone: Let's jump in / Blaryumbo. *all jump in*


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