Basically,it's the same as the 3-word story, but this time,you put in 4 words! Now, put your name below IF you're in. They write a 4-word (what else?) saying next to your name.
Planting peanut

The "Planters" Peanut

Names Here

Faves3000: Wow...just simply wow.

Rocketsluglovesdharmarootbeer: I really like pie

ZL123: What happened to pie?

SonicAndKnuckles: Cody had Pokemon cards.

Rafer45: Cakes will ruthlessly destroy

Tacosalad1127: OMG! I like turtles!

Mr. Grille: You up for Chinese?

CompliensCreator00: Easy as Pi= NO!\

Jeenking: Ducks are so Awesome

Doctorin Tardis. Constipated Overweight Old Lady Wallygator: homestar runner . com

Mochlum: Onions dominate the UNIVERSE!

Moon snail: Once upon a Timetherewasapinkpuffballcalledkirbythatlovwedramennoodlesandhesavedpopstaralontheend

DMMIJR: Cake likes new pants

Story Here!

At first I didn't want the giant pie, so phineas ate it, but then I wanted it back so I screamed and punched him. I kicked his butt until he exploded. Then the "Planters" peanut kicked Meap´s hood off so I saw Meap's HAIR!!! George was in it! He shaved off Meap´s CHAIR OF WONDER!!! Spongebob turned me into a hair that someone ate. Spongebob and Meap yelled "WHOA! PETER PANDA FLEW INTO SAWYER AND EXPLODED! Spongebob kicked Peter's remains. Then he ate them. He punched Planters peanut with a hair made of George. EXPLOSIONS, BOND! Meap attacked Peter Panda Zombie because it ate my mother's favorite turtle clare! "Clare's a stupid name!" said peter panda evily "Apples ARE gonna play "Apples To Apples"!". Meap ate Peter Panda But a cupcake killed George and Mr. Peanut. "NO!" Sawyer screamed, "NO!"."Too Bad"Meap Said.



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