Pizza Hut!

Get away from my Pizza Hut!

Okay, so it was this Sonic X parody I saw with the Sonic the Hedgehog characters singing the Fast Food Song. It was funny! thumb|314px|right|McDonalds, McDonalds! Kentucky Fried Chicken & a Pizza Hut! Surprisingly, Sonic isn't eating chili dogs...I want some pizza, KFC, and a Big Mac right now...

And on a unrelated random note, here is another Sonic the Hedgehog songs which, in my opinion, are funny.thumb|300px|left|Shadow's the Witch Doctor! Really, you better like them, or you'll get no cookie.thumb|300px|right|Yes Sonic, I do like waffles, pancakes, and french toast.thumb|300px|left|Sonic, if you hate water, how do you eat Krusty Krab pizza?thumb|300px|right|I wanna pony...please, buy me one, Shadow?

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