The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Remix) is a song remix of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Random Guy and a spider, who is itsy-bitsy. Whatever that means.


RG: The itsy bitsy spider.

Spider: That's me

RG: Went up the water spout.

Spider: What the heck is a spout?

RG: He slid down or something

Spider: Whee

RG: So he went up the spout again

Spider: Do I get to slide again?

RG: Sure, whatever. Just go up.

Spider: Okay. *goes up spout*

RG: So he ate some bugs

Spider: Yum

RG: So we ended the song

Peyton Hillis: Hi

RG: What are you doing here?

Hillis: Uh, I thought this was Sun Life Stadium's locker room.

RG: Must have been a numbered room leading into Room 12, and you fell through the hole-and wait, you have no clue what we're talking about, do you?


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