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One day Snoopy walked outside to get the mail. He took it into the his house and started doing his buisness on it while reading it. "From your old friend, Brian." said a intersting looking letter. Snoopy grabbed it to read it later. Snoopy went trough his morning shenanigians, looked up a dictionary, took a shower, and had some beer coffee. He opened the letter while drinking.

Snoopy was shocked! He ran over to old man Herbert's right away! When he got there, Herbert told him what happened, as he flashed back and Snoopy thought. "It was a casual day, I wanted to talk her for a walk" started Herbert.

I took her for a walk, we saw two nice kids.. they wanted to pet her, so I let them. Brian bit them and passed on his rabies. I threw the kids in my car and took them to the hospital. I made it. That's not the whole story though. During the car ride, Brian jumped out of the car, she landed on a train track. A train was heading towards her. she jumped out in time....

Snoopy looked up (He also wondered why Herbert called Brian a "she.") "Is he dead? Probably... hopefully. Time to go home!" Thought Snoopy. As he got up, Herbert looked up and started talking again. "When she jumped up, she landed on another train track, and got ran over. I got the kids to the hospital, but I couldn't save my dog... I feel terrible. I need a new dog and friend..." Herbert finished. Snoopy ran out the door at the thought of belonging to Herbert. "Oh well." Thought Herbert."Guess i'll go to the park to stare at kids again, that always cheers me up.."

The End

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