The Pie-tastic Pie-inator is an overly complicated device.All it REALLY does is throw a pie in a persons face.Anyone can edit.

How It Works

You place a pie on the conveyor belt,and another on the frying pan left of the headset,which we will discuss right now.The pie on the conveyer belt rolls toward the headset,then when it reaches the earpeice,it plays Disney songs until the pie explodes,sending the smaller chunks everywhere,but there will be a big chink that lands on the frying pan handle,launching the pie on "Hot Wheels Trick Tracks" tracks,with a motor on it,speeding the pie up VERY fast,then onto an elevator with a spring on the side.The pie slowly slides forwardto the spring,and when the elevator is open to the next destination,the pie reaches the spring,and shoots forward onto a

(now its your turn!you decides what happens next!erase this line when your done)

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