We the people, will nuke the giant fish named, Lucy.

Warrior cats are epic. If disagree, then please note that Invader Zim will kill your cheese on March 18.

I love pink, slimy, fishy, gooey, hard, soft, light, heavy cheese being poured on my math teacher's husband at 2:00 on a Friday.

I love CHEESE if you dont like cheese be prepared to be attacked by the Power Puff Boys! EYEGEGE!

LOL STANDS 4: Loves Online Lollipops.

The Raven's train was delayed in Spokane. I sprained my brain and blame the state of Maine. I then maime the train and-NUGGETS!!!!!- wonderful chicken/chicken.

If you don't let me know if you dislike wearing sunglasses, the president doesn't care that gum is attractive. Stuffs is wonderful.

THE ENDS!!!!!!

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