The QWERTY Dimension is a dimension is a dimension a dimension where the planets look like keys on the keyboard. (Fried Chicken!)
Qwerty dimension

A shot of the "Alphabetize" Galaxy

The People

The People There Are Stick Figures. They

Qwerty d. people

2 people greeting each other

have 2 first names(Jim-Bob is the most popular -_-).The people in the qwerty dimension never die,and no new people are born.

Derryl-John Jones

The most popular person in the qwerty dimension is Derryl-John Jones.He's blue,making him diffrent.He specializes in technology making,and is popular for being blue.

J Galaxy

Main article: J Galaxy

The J galaxy is different though. In it, people are the letter J with glowing red eyes. They still have 2 1st names but instead, both 1st names start with J. That makes the J galaxy different.

The History

It all started out with...nothing!Just a blank peice in space!Then,asteroids from the Milky Way came,and then the god(Named "Qwert")destroyed the asteroids into the shape they are today.Then he needed population.He soon got the idea.Qwert then relaesed the spirits of All Stick Figures on earth and made them into reality on the planets.He never allowed ANY stick figures not the color black.But he accindentally let a blue Stick on there,a stick name Derryl-John Jones.Then the people started building stuff on the planets,and made the Qwerty Dimension what it is today.

The Founding

One time,a rocket blast off into space,heading for the moon,the they miscalculated and missed it.After a month later,they reached the Qwerty Dimension by a wormhole.THen,when they came back,they recorded the information they got,and we all know the Qwerty Dimension

The Conclusion

The Qwerty Dimension is a Dimension just like ours,but diffrent planets,people,and population(by FAR).A nice place to visit.

This article is better than fried chicken.

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