Here anyone can add on to it.It's basically An Epic Story of Meap anyone can edit. So have fun everyone! (I'm not gonna be the one to start it :L)


  • Any characters in the other Epic Stories, EPCECIALLY Meap!
  • Aurora the kirby ( one of meeps old friends )
  • random characters that may not be in the other Epic Stories, may pop out of nowhere for noreason... just saying!

Banned Characters

  • E.T. (E.T.)
  • Peter (Family Guy)
  • Tails (Sonic)
  • Shadow (Sonic)
  • Klasky Csupo (List of CompliensCreator00's scariest logos)
  • Sonic (Sonic)
  • Finn (Adventure Time)
  • Meap (Phineas & Ferb)
  • Rigby (Regular Show)
  • Patrick (SpongeBob)
  • Spongeob (SpongeBob)
  • Phineas (Phineas & Ferb)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Every Candy Person Except Mr. Candy Cane (Adventure Time)
  • S&K (Random-ness Wiki)

Part 1: The Beginning

Meap: Meap!

E.T: (low voice) I think I like BOYS now!

Shadow: ....

Patrick: SpongeBob, I'm scared.

Finn: You think YOUR scared!

SpongeBob: Yeah, your only 13.

E.T: (low voice) I like men.

Meap: Meap!

Phineas: Well, folks, we have a new Michael Jackson on our hands!

Ferb: Just beat it, just beat it! OH YEAH!

APR: Since when did Ferb sound like Michael Jackson?

Perry:Gryurururururururu (Translation: He never did. Voice editing. ._.)

Zenta: -_- somebody put this guy in a pod.

Translator: (Pushes Phineas into a pod)

Zenta: Not him!

Translator: (Whistles) (Pushes E.T. into a pod)

(Pod launches)

(E.T. them plays)

Phineas: Hey, wheres Candace?


It's a "he"

Candace: HELP ME!

E.T: I stole your big brother!

Phineas: that's actually our sister...


Johnny 5: I am alive!

E.T.: I coulda swore she, or it was a man!Oh well i'll take Johnn-BAN

SpongeBob:Meap,did you ban him?


SpongeBob:(Pats him on the head)Good boy.

Peter Griffan: So if we say his name, "E.T." do I get *banned*

Sonic: What is this, some kind of game?

Meap: Meap.

Tails: Ooh! Meap said a bad word!

SpongeBob: Which one?

Tails: The E word!

Shadow: So, why i'm I here again?

Sonic: Which E word?

Tails: E.T.! *banned*

Shadow: Hm... E.T.! *banned* See you, losers!

Sonic: Come on, let's go on an... Adventure!

Finn: Yeah!

Mario: What kind of Adventure?

Link: ...

Patrick: Let's defeat the evil Monkey king and save the ninth dimension!

Meap: Meap!

Finn: Think smaller...

Patrick: Let's defeat the Alternate Doofensmhirtz and save the 2nd Dimension!

Phineas: Bigger.

APR: We did that already.

Phineas: We did?

APR: long story.

Patrick: Oh, I give up!

Link: ...

Mario: Link, that's the best idea ever.

Sonic: Yeah, let's go!

Prof. Wright: Too bad my nemesis can't be banned.

Klasky Csupo: I am scary. E.T, lol. *banned*

Prof. Wright: Never mind, I guess.

Link: ....

SpongeBob: Link is right, let's start heading to Hyrule...BUT WAIT!!!!Everyone c ouln't have been banned on their own,because they need to be banned manually...and only Meap has the power to ban!)MEAP,how could you!!!


SpongeBob:Sorry won't cut it,young man!Now I need an explamation!


SpongeBob:You hated those people?Wow...what do you have against Peter?


SpongeBob:Oh,he kicked you? least you banned the right people.See?Everyone has nothing to worry about


SpongeBob:MEAP!!!!!Ok,just so I know what your gonna say,because i'm gonna ask questions,heres a tarsnlator.

Translator:What about me?

SpongeBob:No one cares about you.But still!Why?

Meap:Meap!(He said E.T.!)

SpongeBob:i don't care if he said it! Unban him!

Meap:Meap?(Why should I?)

SpongeBob:Because,remember?You actually think he's cool?

Meap:Meap...(No I don't...)

SpongeBob:Well,I was wrong about you thinking he's cool but he let you borrow his sword!Right?


SpongeBob:Oh yeah.But he would say yes,because I saw you with it!



Meap:Meap...(He said never to talk about this again and he did,in fact let me borrow it but doesn't rember all of it because of that Milk.)


Meap:Meeaaapp...(Let's just go...)

Aurora: ( walks in ) Whats up pepoles?...

SpongeBob: come with us Aurora, you will love this quest!

Aurora: oh yeah, lets go!

Part 2:Road to Hyrule (Fried Chicken)

Meap:Meap(Are we there yet?)

Zenta:Will that annoying thing just shut up already?

Floating Mario Head:(Randomly pops up)Do you wanna Mariocise?Do just like Mario!One...Very Good!Two...

SpongeBob:(Whispers to Zenta)this guy is creepy!

Prof. Wright:Well, it's bad enough having him in our story!

Aurora: I know right?

SpongeBob: yeah! wait... HOW DID YOU HEAR ME!?

FMH:...and three!Wheeeeeee!!!It's hard for you,but easy for me!Wanna know why?

Finn:NO!!!(Kicks FMH out of the screen)

FMH:Floating Mario Head is blasting off in spaaaaaace!!!!(Shine)


Mario:Hey what's going on?

Rigby:Oh th-(Mouth shut my Mordecai)

Mordecai:(Whispers to Rigby)Dude!That's Mario!You don't want to him to get mad!!!

Rigby:No...I don't...

Luke Skywalker: (appears from nowhere) I once got Mario mad and he killed me and my guts. Don't ask me how I exist.

Harry Potter: (appears from nowhere) RUN! GIANT FLYING BROCOLIS ARE ATTACKING!

Meap: Meap (Uh oh)

Harry Potter: What the heck does that mean?

Meap: Meap (It's the only word in my launguage, it doesn't mean anything)

Phineas: We think it means "Hi."

Mario: No, we agreed on it meaning "YOU SMELL LIKE ONIONS YOU SNOBBY-MINDED SON OF A WHALE!"

Phineas: We had a meeting and you weren't invited, so it means "Hi".

Ferb: *blink*


Everyone: *blink*

Aurora: what the heck was that?

Meap: Meap (Wow dude, whats wrong with you?)

Finn: Yeah, your the weirdest boy ever.

Candace: *cries*

Link: ....

Phineas: Link is right, your so mean Finn!

Ferb: *blink*

Finn: Ferb does have a point...

Phineas: Ferb, you betrayal!

Ferb: *blink*

Phineas: I though you were my brother!

Ferb: Actually I-

Phineas: You're WHAT? What are you?

Ferb: Your STEPbrother.

Phineas: (silence) Good point.

Finn: Yay! We're friends now!

Phineas: Nah. (goes and kicks Finn in his privates)

Finn: Oh, my tenders! That hurt!

Meap: Meap (Do you guys care that this is very awkward for me)

Phineas, Ferb, Finn: NO

Link: ....

Meap: Thank you Link, for being on my side.

SpongeBob: I'm on your side! OR AM I.


Mysterious Music in the Background: DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Brian: *comes out of some bushes* By any chance have you seen some fat man walk by?

Link: No.

SpongeBob: You just talked!

Link: ...

SpongeBob: Yeah you did!

Link: ....

Sonic: He's right. We need to get to Hyrule.

Mordecai: Oh my gawsh.

Meap: Meap (banned for subliminal E.T.)

Finn: We need to find E.T. and put a stop to this!

Banned. Banned.

Link: ....

Knuckles: He's right we need to save Meap and destroy you know who. This is getting serious! Who's with me?

Phineas: Me and Ferb are.

SpongeBob: I am!

Jake: Not me...

Rigby: E.T.

APR: *jumps up in air* FOR MEAP! *slience* I'm in.

Morcecai: ...Yeah, I am.

Someone wearing a mustache: EVERYONE SAY EAT TEA!

Patrick: E.T.



Phineas: Come on! Let's ditch Hyrule and go save our friends!

Link: .......

Ferb: Yeah! Let's put a stop to E.T.!


Phineas: The one time he decided to talk..... ******

SpongeBob: GASP! You said a word worse than E.T.!


Phineas: ...........

Link: Stop copying what I say, Phineas!

Phineas: At least he doesn't talk as much as Ferb because then he might say E.T.!


Knuckles: ......I can't even get what's even going on now.


Link: Where did everybody else go?

Brain: They got bored and walked away. It's up to you now. *walks away*

Link: Well... I don't know where they are.... but I can get there..... E.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aurora: (walks out of nowhere) .... I just came back from the restroom... (whisteles)

Chapter 3: E.T.'s Lair.

Prof. Wright: Wow. There's very few of us left. ME WANT TO DO THIS WITH DOOFENSHMIRTZ! T.E!

*unbans Klasky Csupo*

Klasky Csupo: EH, lol. When you were gone I had a lot to talk about,lol. I talked about E.T.,lol!


Meanwhile at E.T.'s lair.

???: Link? ...Link! LINK WAKE UP!

Link: I made it! I'm in E.T.'a lair!

Phineas: Link please stop talking, you're not suppose too.

Link: ...

Floating Mairo Head: Wanna hear a Song?

Dr.Robotnik: NO!

Floating Mario Head: IM A SCAAAAAAATMAN!!!!!!

Aurora: OH NO, HORRIBLE MUSIC!... well at least I carried link to E.T.'s lair...

SpongeBob: ...

giant mooger: (comes out of nowhere) moooobamoooogermoooomamoooowa!

floating mario head: yeah, sing with me giant mooger!

giant mooger & floating mario head: moooobamooooogermoooomamoooowa!

the red ranger: (pops out of nowhere) no fair! (slices the giant mooger & floating mario head into pieces)

SpongeBob:.. what the heck was that?

Aurora: i don't know... does link know?

Link: i did not know why any of that would happen in less of a second...

Aurora: ... for one thing... wheres meep?

meep: meep meep meep ( im over here... im just finding a kicthen or something to get food)

Aurora: well... at least if there is not any full moons this week we are just fine to sleep for the rest of the year.

meep: meep ( Aurora... focus )

Aurora: ... ... lets see how you like focusing!!!

meep : meep... ( Aurora... the quest is halfway over... so just wait...)

SpongeBob: I thought the quest was over already!

Phineas: I don't wanna say this but, meep has a point SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: AND...

Phineas: E.T. smells bad...

SpongeBob: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Mean while outside E.T's lair...


Prof. Wright: So in conclusion, saying .T.E gets people UNBANNED from the lair-that-shall not-be-named!

(Ferb comes out)

Ferb: Where am I?

Prof. Wright: In the Candy kingdom.

Ferb: Okay.

Candy People: (gasp)

Princess Bubblegum: Really? That gould rip the fabric of the time space continum! I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!


Everybody Candy Person Except Mr. Candy Cane: WE CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT OUR PRINCESS! E.T.!

*a crapload of people banned*



Prof. Wright: Everyone got banned except me?

Ferb: And me.

Prof. Wright: I can't quite solve this!

(Mr. Candy Cane comes out)

Mr. Candy Kingdom: In retrospect, ruling this place would be a good thing! I'M THE NEW KING OF THE CANDY KINGDOM!

Prof. Wright: OH NO YOU AREN'T!

Mr. Candy Kingdom: GET! OUT! *gets banned and melts*

Sailor Moon: .T.E!

*everybody that got banned unbanned*

Meap: YAY! To the lab!

(At the lab)

Prof. Wright: From now on, i will work!

(ET becomes PINGAS)

Kids: YAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1(Go Crazy!)

Patrick Starfish - Is mayonaise an insturment?
Talk - ~~~~~
Hey! Who let the children in?

Creepy Background Voice Of Doom: Meanwhile in





Hey, my echo is broken!

Meap: MEAPPOO!!!

Mr. Candy Kingdom: I'll get you meap! Soon! VERY SOON!


Maxwell the scribblenaut: We're sorry! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the script to chapter 4 was lost on its way overseas. Luckily, chapter 4 was finished by the Korean animators! We hope you enjoy the new ending.

Meap: (Puts on English voice thingie) Everybody is-

Chapter 4: Big Amercian Party



Klasky Csupo: Everyone disco dancing with that Gusto ChooChoo "Easy comedy the mini train" toy. I eat lots of food, lol.

ET: Megatron from Transformers dancing.

(police come in)


Klasky Csupo: To our cars, lol.

Klasky Csupo's Brother: Boingoingoingoingboing!

Meap: Who's driving?

ET: Bear is driving! How could it be bear?

Maxwell the scribblenaut: Korean Animation Studio!

Big Guy: You guys no work, you grounded forever.

PickleBob ASCII: Big Guy looks like a donut with eyes, a mouth, and passenger car wheels! He is sooooo stupid!

Fat Minky Momo: HERE WE ARE.

Big Guy: On! Ton fi uoy era gniog ot eb eht eno gnipacse!

PickleBob ASCII: "We'll never lose him again!"

Ako Berkowitz: wtf

Mr. Krabs: BOX MORPH! *turns into a shipping container*

"Weird Al" Yankovic: Gimme gimme gimme gimme something sweet to eat!

Ako Berkowitz: 私は10歳です。


PickleBob: Akodon!



Phineas: Oh, that entire "banning" thing was a dream!


Ako Berkowitz: YAY YAY YAY! We are in Random City!

  • cut to people walking crazy*

Fat Minky Momo: What the heck is this "city"?

PickleBob ASCII: Wonder wat FMM's origins are?


(Amish Buggy passes by)

Amish Guy: Mrthhfgfcgv!

Ako: Let's go!

(gang runs to the city)

(pickle playing drum)

(potato playing trumpet)

(at the Railroad Crossing)


(gates go down)

(cars, amish buggy, buses, and truck stop)

(sound of train approaching)

(Car stops on tracks, and driver gets out)

(driver saved by cane)


Bell: DING DING DING DING-(bell stops)

(gates go up)

(all vehicles go over the crossing, while a police bike goes over it, too!)

(The text: "Atcerieties, bērni vienmēr ēst jūsu dārzeņiem!", literally meaning "Remember kids always eat your vegetables!" appears, along with the Latvian Railways logo, with a cheesy 13-note flute theme to go in timing with the text and logo)


Meap: Meap meap meap. (Let's see what's on TV!)

(EAS pops up, with the signature high pitched tone playing)

Announcer: We interrupt "General Hospital" on ABC 7 for an Emergency Alert System bulletin. This Is Not a Test! The President of the USA will talk now!

The President: Godzilla has escaped from the big, sliver screen, and has gone crazy. He has been spotted at the Ozark Empire Fair, and has wrecked the place. Please take over!

(SAME EOM Burst Code that end tests/alerts plays)

Fat Minky Momo: We must save the earth!

(FMM zooms off...... at only 7 mph)

(FMM destroys Godzilla)

(crowd cheering for FMM)

President: Fat Minky Momo now has $9000 in her bank account!

Sammy B. Good: Fat Minky Momo you saved me from dying! You get my 1987 Toyota Carolla!

(FMM smiles)

Chapter 7: More Randomness from Random City

"Weird Al" Yankovic: Congratulations viewers that live in a pickle. You all have won a free Scary E-mail!

Fat Minky Momo: Come on!

Creepy Background Voice of Doom: Meanwhile, thousands of miles away!

Egg on Bike: (singing) Books are Fun (27x)

Snailor Moon: DIE! (destroys egg on bike with a SHOOP-DA-WHOOP! BLARGH!)

Sailor Jupiter: Great! Time to meet up with the REAL sailor scouts and The Epic Stories of Meap team. (teleports to Random City)


President Stuntcastin: I've got blisters on my fingers!

"Weird Al" Yankovic: Help me somebody!

(black screen)

SuperMagic PowerMan: (randomly appears out of nowhere) TIME TO SQUISH S&K!

Klasky Csupo: SING WITH MEH! Put down that chainsaw and listen to me It's time for us to join in the fight It's time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys It's time to let the bedbugs bite

You better put all your eggs in one basket You better count your chickens before they hatch You better sell some wine before it's time You better find yourself an itch to scratch

You better squeeze all the Charmin you can while Mr. Wipple's not around Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan

Talk with your mouth full Bite the hand that feeds you Bite off more than you can chew What can you do Dare to be stupid

Take some wooden nickles Look for Mr. Goodbar Get your mojo working now I'll show you how You can dare to be stupid

You can turn the other cheek You can just give up the ship You can eat a bunch of sushi then forget to leave a tip

Dare to be stupid Come on and dare to be stupid It's so easy to do Dare to be stupid We're all waiting for you Let's go

It's time to make a mountain out of a molehill So can I have a volunteer There's no more time for crying over spilled milk Now it's time for crying in your beer

Settle down, raise a family, join the PTA Buy some sensible shoes and a Chevrolet And party 'till you're broke and they drag you away It's OK, you can dare to be stupid

It's like spitting on a fish It's like barking up a tree It's like I said you gotta buy one if you wanna get one free

Dare to be stupid (yes) Why don't you dare to be stupid It's so easy to do Dare to be stupid We're all waiting for you Dare to be stupid

Burn your candle at both ends Look a gift horse in the mouth Mashed potatos can be your friends

You can be a coffee achiever You can sit around the house and watch Leave It To Beaver The future's up to you So what you gonna do

Dare to be stupid Dare to be stupid What did I say Dare to be stupid Tell me, what did I say Dare to be stupid It's alright Dare to be stupid We can be stupid all night Dare to be stupid Come on, join the crowd Dare to be stupid Shout it out loud Dare to be stupid I can't hear you Dare to be stupid OK, I can hear you now Dare to be stupid Let's go, Dare to be stupid Dare to be stupid Dare to be stupid.... (fadeout)


Ako Berkowitz: My LASIK operation is today!

PickleBob ASCII: Possibly because of her tremendous case of myopia, because of people and child abusers poking her eyes back when she was 1.

Meap: Meapie (PickleBob! Go fix the MeapBattleTram!)

PickleBob ASCII: Okay! *leaves, Ako is also seen leaving*

(Cut to hospital, the team is watching, while a guy with a RCA TK 44 is recording her operation)

LASIK Operation Guy: The doctor is here!

Ako: Oh you look like The Tourettes Guy!

Guy: I know, time to correct your tremendous case of myopia!


Ako: How do i look without my glasses?

Fat Minky Momo: You look like when you went to get your glasses at 6:34 AM yesterday!


Fat Minky Momo: (crying off-key) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(a few days later)

Ako: Now that Fat Minky Momo is un-grounded- WHAT?

Bell: DING DING DING- (hit with shoe and breaks)


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