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Captain Jack and Sally Airdash

  • Liane and Louise are having lunch in Five Guys. As Sally Airdash comes flying into the restaurant, everybody begins screaming.
  • Louise: (shouting) "Sally Airdash?"
  • Liane: "Why can't we go a full month without somebody interfering with our lives?"
  • Captain Jack runs up the stairs, and Sally Airdash lands on his right shoulder.
  • Sally: "There she is!"
  • Liane gets up front her seat and glares at the two.
  • Liane: "Alright, Sally, what do you and your friend want?"
  • Sally: "Give us your glowing pet or we'll make both of you walk the plank!"
  • Liane and Louise together: "Never!"
  • Jack: "Listen up ye hooligans, give me yer booty or ye coming with me!"
  • The restaurant manager and two police officers appear behind Captain Jack. Both he and Sally turn to the three, then at each other.

  • Bingo is filming what is left of an abandoned Hard Rock Cafe restaurant.
  • Bingo: (to the audience) "These are the remains of the Hard Rock Cafe on the east side of the town, which closed in August 2013."
  • Bingo grabs his camera and holds it, moving left and right, filming the tipped tables and chairs.
  • Bingo: "Looks like they were too lazy to get rid of these."
  • Bingo hears Captain Jack laughing at what used to be the lounge pub.
  • Bingo: (shocked) "Uhhhh... I am not editing this in, but I think somebody is hiding in here! I hope it's not a ghost, or even worse, the police."
  • Bingo tiptoes up to the pub ruins and hides behind a wall. After waiting a few seconds, he turns and jumps forward.
  • Bingo: "Gotcha!"
  • Bingo is surprised to see Sally Airdash and her new partner, Captain Jack, relaxing on two dirty sofas.
  • Bingo: "Sally Airdash?"
  • Sally: "Argh! It is the Rogon prince!"
  • Bingo turns to Captain Jack.
  • Bingo: "And who is this?"
  • Jack: "The name's Captain Jack. Now gimme that glass cannon ye got in ye hands."
  • Bingo: "Woah, woah, woah, this isn't a cannon, it is much more rarer! It is a camera!"
  • Jack: "A camera? Aren't those the things they use to show you stuff on those black windows?"
  • Bingo: "Yes! I make a living out of this! Can you be a special guest for this show I'm making?"
  • Jack: "I'm nae interested in yer silly telly programme. I am looking fer this sassy lassy who has a glowing wasp!"
  • Sally: "He is talking about Tilly!"
  • Bingo: "Why would you want one of Louise's Treet?"
  • Jack: "It can make me beauty the beast of them all!"
  • Captain Jack takes out his mystical sword. Bingo looks impressed.
  • Bingo: "Wow! But believe it or not, Airdash, I'd rather team up with Tilly than you!"
  • Bingo runs out of the ruined restaurant quickly.
  • Jack: "After him!"
  • Jack and Sally follow behind Bingo.

A Bumper-Packed Birthday

  • Johnny Northwall runs up to the birthday table, looks at the presents, then at Floaty, and realises the presents are for it.
  • Johnny: "Hey! What is this thing doing with all of those presents? I'm the birthday boy around here! Where are my presents?"
  • Nina: (confused) "Wait... Today is Johnny's birthday as well? Sorry, Johnny, we didn't know."
  • Nate: "Remember, Mum, Johnny is just pretending it is his birthday. It's just what he does."

  • Bumper is combing his hair and making sure his outfit looks neat. Rojo comes into the room.
  • Rojo: "Oh, let me guess, you have an extremely important interview?"
  • Bumper: "Not today, no. Me and Bingo were invited to a party."
  • Rojo looks confused. The scene cuts to him knocking on Bingo's door. Bingo walks up and opens the door.
  • Rojo: "Your going to a party?"
  • Bingo: "Yes. Floaty's, y'know, one of Louise's little pet things."
  • Rojo: "And I wasn't invited?"
  • Bingo: "I don't think so. Only me and Bumper."
  • Rojo angrily stomps away.
  • Bingo: "Boy, is he over 50? Because he doesn't act it."

  • Liame: "So who are you inviting to the party?"
  • Louise: "Okay, I have ten cards here, so maybe Katie, Nate, Marilyn, Greg, and I can't think of the other four."
  • Liane: "What about Swoop and Oink?"
  • Louise: "Will they be allowed in? People are weird when it comes to things that aren't humans."
  • Liane: "Yes."
  • Louise: "Then what about the other two?"
  • Liane: "Do you want to invite your dad and your brother?"
  • Louise is not sure what to say.
  • Louise: "Alright, I guess."
  • Liane: "But what are we going to do with the other two invitations?"
  • Louise looks up to the sky and thinks. She smiles when she has a plan.
  • Liane: "I know who to invite!"

  • Nate: "So besides me, who did you invite to Floaty's birthday party?"
  • Louise: (counting with her fingers) "Marilyn, Greg, Katie, Swoop, Oink, Bingo, Bumper, my..."
  • Nate: (interrupting) "You invited Bingo? Louise, are you sure?"
  • Louise: "Yes. You didn't need to cut me off."

  • Louise, Liane and the five Treets are at the reception. Johnny Northwall runs over to get them a table. Both Louise and Liane groan when they see that Johnny will be serving them.
  • Liane: "Oh no, not him..."
  • Johnny: "Hello, Tilly, Tilly's mother. If you want a table, you'll need to hear one of my fantastic jokes!"
  • Louise and Liane look at each other, then back at Johnny.
  • Johnny: "Why did I wear two pairs of socks when I went golfing yesterafternoon?"
  • Louise: (sarcastically) "Oh boy, this is going to be really good!"
  • Johnny: "Because I may have gotten a hole in one!"
  • Louise sarcastically laughs. Liane slowly claps.
  • Liane: "Table for ten, plus two pets."
  • Johnny: "Ooh, that will take about 5 minutes to organise. Whilst you wait, I can tell you some knock knock jokes!"
  • Liane rolls her eyes. Louise quietly groans.

The Great Parrot Wedding

  • Sally: "Since I saved you, is there is one thing you can do for me?
  • Swoop: "Like what?"
  • Sally: "Marry me."
  • Swoop's eyes turn big.
  • Swoop: "Are you crazy? Why would I marry a daft thing like you?"
  • Sally: (copying Swoop) "Are you crazy? Why would I marry a daft thing like you?"

  • King Rojo is relaxing on his bed. Suddenly, Bingo comes rushing into his room and jumps on the king's bed.
  • Bingo: "Hey, Uncle Rojo, you'll never guess what? Swoop and Sally Airdash are getting married!"
  • The king looks shocked.
  • Rojo: "Y... You're not falling for a hoax, are you, Bingo?"
  • Bingo: "Well, you, me and Stumpy have all been given invitations for it. It's on Sunday at two."
  • Bingo takes one of the invitation cards out of his left waistcoat pocket and hands it to the king. The king looks at the card and looks impressed.
  • Rojo: "Wow. I never thought this was going to happen. I just hope this isn't a trick or a joke."

A Very Naughty Treet

Part 1

  • Rojo: (shouting) "Stumpy!"
  • Stumpy runs into the king's room.
  • Rojo: "Get me a Diet Cola Shoot from the fridge."
  • Stumpy: "Yes, your highness."
  • Stumpy trips his way down the stairs, heads to the kitchen and opens the fridge, grabs a Diet Cola Shoot for King Rojo and runs back up the stairs.
  • Rojo: (shouting) "Hey! Don't run! You'll make it flat! Grab a different one!"
  • Stumpy puts the can on a table and runs to the kitchen. Before he can head back through to the kitchen, Bingo calls for his attention.
  • Bingo: (shouting) "Stumpy! Get me a can of Cola Shoot!"
  • Stumpy runs to the kitchen and grabs the last can of Diet Cola Shoot from the fridge. There are no full-sugar cans left.
  • Stumpy: (shouting) "There are none left, Bingo! Only one Diet can for the king!"
  • Bingo: (shouting) "There are a few Rogon Coins on a white plate on the kitchen table. Go buy some cans."
  • Stumpy puts the Diet Cola Shoot back in the fridge and grabs the Rogon Coins off the plate. He then heads outside.
  • Rojo: (shouting angrily) "STUM-PY!"
  • Rojo shouting gives Stumpy a fright and causes him to drop a Rogon Coin down a drain, though he does not notice.
  • Stumpy: (shouting back) "We're out of cans! I need to buy more!"

  • Louise is sitting down on the couch, depressed. Her phone suddenly rings.
  • Louise: "Martine?"
  • Louise grabs her phone, answers it and puts it to the right side of her head.
  • Louise: "Hello?"
  • Martine is supposedly crying, though the audience do not hear anything.
  • Louise: "Martine, is something bugging you?"
  • Liane comes into the room.
  • Louise: (to Liane) "It's Martine. I don't have a clue what she's trying to say." (to Martine) "Martine, calm down, breath deeply and tell me what's wrong."

Part 2

Captain Jack's Pirate Dance

Oink on the Menu

Captain Jack Turns the Tables

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