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Captain Jack and Sally Airdash

  • Liane and Louise are having lunch in Five Guys. As Sally Airdash comes flying into the restaurant, everybody begins screaming.
  • Louise: (shouting) "Sally Airdash?"
  • Liane: "Why can't we go a full month without somebody interfering with our lives?"
  • Captain Jack runs up the stairs, and Sally Airdash lands on his right shoulder.
  • Sally: "There she is!"
  • Liane gets up front her seat and glares at the two.
  • Liane: "Alright, Sally, what do you and your friend want?"
  • Sally: "Give us your glowing pet or we'll make both of you walk the plank!"
  • Liane and Louise together: "Never!"
  • Jack: "Listen up ye hooligans, give me yer booty or ye coming with me!"
  • The restaurant manager and two police officers appear behind Captain Jack. Both he and Sally turn to the three, then at each other.

  • Bingo is filming what is left of an abandoned Hard Rock Cafe restaurant.
  • Bingo: (to the audience) "These are the remains of the Hard Rock Cafe on the east side of the town, which closed in August 2013."
  • Bingo grabs his camera and holds it, moving left and right, filming the tipped tables and chairs.
  • Bingo: "Looks like they were too lazy to get rid of these."
  • Bingo hears Captain Jack laughing at what used to be the lounge pub.
  • Bingo: (shocked) "Uhhhh... I am not editing this in, but I think somebody is hiding in here! I hope it's not a ghost, or even worse, the police."
  • Bingo tiptoes up to the pub ruins and hides behind a wall. After waiting a few seconds, he turns and jumps forward.
  • Bingo: "Gotcha!"
  • Bingo is surprised to see Sally Airdash and her new partner, Captain Jack, relaxing on two dirty sofas.
  • Bingo: "Sally Airdash?"
  • Sally: "Argh! It is the Rogon prince!"
  • Bingo turns to Captain Jack.
  • Bingo: "And who is this?"
  • Jack: "The name's Captain Jack. Now gimme that glass cannon ye got in ye hands."
  • Bingo: "Woah, woah, woah, this isn't a cannon, it is much more rarer! It is a camera!"
  • Jack: "A camera? Aren't those the things they use to show you stuff on those black windows?"
  • Bingo: "Yes! I make a living out of this! Can you be a special guest for this show I'm making?"
  • Jack: "I'm nae interested in yer silly telly programme. I am looking fer this sassy lassy who has a glowing wasp!"
  • Sally: "He is talking about Tilly!"
  • Bingo: "Why would you want one of Louise's Treets?"
  • Jack: "It can make me beauty the beast of them all!"
  • Captain Jack takes out his mystical sword. Bingo looks impressed.
  • Bingo: "Wow! But believe it or not, Airdash, I'd rather team up with Tilly than you!"
  • Bingo runs out of the ruined restaurant quickly.
  • Jack: "After him!"
  • Jack and Sally follow behind Bingo.

Amusing Abusing

  • Louise, Nate, Marilyn and Hugh are waiting for a coach which will drive them to Golden Palace. When it arrives, they notice that Johnny Northwall is the driver.
  • Marilyn: "You have multiple pairs of headphones, don't you, Tilly?"
  • Louise: "Two."

A Bumper-Packed Birthday

  • Johnny Northwall runs up to the birthday table, looks at the presents, then at Floaty, and realises the presents are for it.
  • Johnny: "Hey! What is this thing doing with all of those presents? I'm the birthday boy around here! Where are my presents?"
  • Nina: (confused) "Wait... Today is Johnny's birthday as well? Sorry, Johnny, we didn't know."
  • Nate: "Remember, Mum, Johnny is just pretending it is his birthday. It's just what he does."

  • Bumper is combing his hair and making sure his outfit looks neat. Rojo comes into the room.
  • Rojo: "Oh, let me guess, you have an extremely important interview?"
  • Bumper: "Not today, no. Me and Bingo were invited to a party."
  • Rojo looks confused. The scene cuts to him knocking on Bingo's door. Bingo walks up and opens the door.
  • Rojo: "You're going to a party?"
  • Bingo: "Yes. Floaty's, y'know, one of Louise's little pet things."
  • Rojo: "And I wasn't invited?"
  • Bingo: "I don't think so. Only me and Bumper."
  • Rojo angrily stomps away.
  • Bingo: "Boy, is he over 50? Because he doesn't act it."

  • Liane: "So who are you inviting to the party?"
  • Louise: "Okay, I have ten cards here, so maybe Katie, Nate, Marilyn, Greg, and I can't think of the other six."
  • Liane: "What about Swoop and Oink?"
  • Louise: "Will they be allowed in? People are weird when it comes to things that aren't humans."
  • Liane: "Yes."
  • Louise: "Then what about the other two?"
  • Liane: "Do you want to invite your dad and your brother?"
  • Louise is not sure what to say.
  • Louise: "Alright, I guess."
  • Liane: "But what are we going to do with the other two invitations?"
  • Louise looks up to the sky and thinks. She smiles when she has a plan.
  • Liane: "I know who to invite!"

  • Nate: "So besides me, who did you invite to Floaty's birthday party?"
  • Louise: (counting with her fingers) "Marilyn, Greg, Katie, Swoop, Oink, Bingo, Bumper, my..."
  • Nate: (interrupting) "You invited Bingo? Louise, are you sure?"
  • Louise: "Yes. You didn't need to cut me off."

  • Louise, Liane and the five Treets are at the reception. Johnny Northwall runs over to get them a table. Both Louise and Liane groan when they see that Johnny will be serving them.
  • Liane: "Oh no, not him..."
  • Johnny: "Hello, Tilly, Tilly's mother. If you want a table, you'll need to hear one of my fantastic jokes!"
  • Louise and Liane look at each other, then back at Johnny.
  • Johnny: "Why did I wear two pairs of socks when I went golfing yesterafternoon?"
  • Louise: (sarcastically) "Oh boy, this is going to be really good!"
  • Johnny: "Because I may have gotten a hole in one!"
  • Louise sarcastically laughs. Liane slowly claps.
  • Liane: "Table for ten, plus two pets."
  • Johnny: "Ooh, that will take about 5 minutes to organise. Whilst you wait, I can tell you some knock knock jokes!"
  • Liane rolls her eyes. Louise quietly groans.

Liane for President

  • Zedd: "You're joking when you say you want to be a local President, right?"
  • Liane: "No. I am being serious. Really serious."
  • Zedd: "Liane, have you been having too much wine?"
  • Liane: "No!"

Hologram Puzzle

  • Marilyn and Hugh are seen on top of a mountain, waiting for a magical minecart to appear. It suddenly fades into existence.
  • Marilyn: "Is this it?"
  • Hugh: "Well, who else has the power to make carts appear out of nowhere? Let's get on!"
  • Stumpy, who was hiding behind a tree, jumps towards the two.
  • Stumpy: "Oh no you don't!"
  • Stumpy makes silly noises and pulls faces to try and scare them away.
  • Hugh: "Uh, Stumpy? What are you doing here?"
  • Marilyn: "Quick! Get on before he does anything!"
  • The two get on the cart, which drives off at fast speed. Stumpy looks at the minecart as it heads off.
  • Stumpy: "Awww... I just wanted to see what it's like driving in a minecart."

The Treet Toy

Three Sides

  • King Rojo is running off with Shiny, but Captain Jack jumps in front of him, causing Rojo to freeze.
  • Jack: "Argh! Gimme me booty, or I'll make yer booty walk the plank!"
  • Rojo looks confused.
  • Rojo: "And who do you think you are?"
  • Jack: "The name's Captain Jack!"
  • Rojo: "So you're the lunatic my grandnephew has told me about."

  • Zedd is driving in his car. Captain Jack suddenly leaps forward, frightening Zedd and making him bring his car to a hault. He then runs out the car, angry.
  • Zedd: "Are you crazy? I could have killed you!"
  • Jack: "Listen, ye grumpy ald manny! I wanne strike a deal with ye!"
  • Zedd: "Are you an actor or something?"
  • Jack: "I'm a real pirate, you burning buttocks!"

Hard Play

The Great Parrot Wedding

  • Sally: "Since I saved you, is there is one thing you can do for me?
  • Swoop: "Like what?"
  • Sally: "Marry me."
  • Swoop's eyes turn big.
  • Swoop: "Are you crazy? Why would I marry a daft thing like you?"
  • Sally: (copying Swoop) "Are you crazy? Why would I marry a daft thing like you?"

  • King Rojo is relaxing on his bed. Suddenly, Bingo comes rushing into his room and jumps on the king's bed.
  • Bingo: "Hey, Uncle Rojo, you'll never guess what? Swoop and Sally Airdash are getting married!"
  • The king looks shocked.
  • Rojo: "Y... You're not falling for a hoax, are you, Bingo?"
  • Bingo: "Well, you, me and Stumpy have all been given invitations for it. It's on Sunday at two."
  • Bingo takes one of the invitation cards out of his left waistcoat pocket and hands it to the king. The king looks at the card and looks impressed.
  • Rojo: "Wow. I never thought this was going to happen. I just hope this isn't a trick or a joke."

  • Tyh: "Who is that pirate? Is he Johnny Northwall's new partner or something?"
  • Louise: "That's Captain Jack. He isn't an actor, though I wish he was."

Bad Representation

  • Lisa: "So... Marilyn, who are you going to vote in the election?"
  • Marilyn is not sure what to say.
  • Marilyn: "Ummm... You know... Since I am nice, I'll vote you!"
  • Lisa: "You can't vote if you are being elected!"
  • Marilyn: "Oh."

  • Lisa is outside the classroom, preparing her sppech. Marilyn is inside, meanwhile, bargaining with the class.
  • Marilyn: "Remember, guys, follow my instructions, and I'll actually reward you."
  • She runs to her seat. Nate looks at Marilyn angrily, realising that she is up to something. Lisa and Mr Frost come into the room. Lisa has papers in her hands.
  • Mr Frost: "Okay, everybody, it is nice to see you sitting silently. Begin your speech, Lisa."
  • Lisa looks down to her speech, but the class, including Louise, begin booing her. Feeling upset, Lisa storms out the room, with her hands in her face. Mr Frost follows her. Lisa sits down against a wall and begins crying.
  • Mr Frost: "Lisa, it's okay."
  • Lisa: (shouting) "No it's not! What did I do wrong?"
  • Marilyn, meanwhile, is in the room handing chocolate to everybody in the class. She then leaves the room and walks up to Lisa, with a fake sad face on.
  • Marilyn: (faking) "I'm sorry this happened to you. Why did they do that?"
  • Lisa begins to wipe her tears and smiles.
  • Lisa: "Thank you, Marilyn."

  • Swoop: "Wait, was she joking?"
  • Nate: "No, I'm serious, and she is playing so unfairly too!"
  • Swoop: "How?"
  • Nate: "She got the class to boo Lisa when she was doing her speech, bribing them with sweeties!"
  • Swoop: "Bah! I would've done worse if I was her. She's definately thought this out, I'm honestly impressed."

  • Louise and Marilyn are in a empty hallway, standing next to a wall.
  • Louise: "So how are you going to win this thing?"
  • Marilyn: "Hey! I have a good strategy planned out, and can't have anybody hearing it!"
  • Louise looks around the place.
  • Louise: "Nobody's here."
  • Marilyn: (sigh) "Alright. I'm going to sneak into the place where the votes are stored when nobody is looking, and I'll rig it so I win."
  • Bingo is spying on the two are recording the whole message.
  • Louise: "And how will you break in?"
  • Marilyn shows Louise a key.
  • Marilyn: "Found this inside the vase outside Mr Frost's class. I will set off the alarm, and whilst everybody is outside, that is when I'll sneak in."
  • Louise: "Cool! Good thing no one heard that!"
  • Bingo quietly walks away.
  • Bingo: "I wouldn't count on that!"
  • Bingo laughs.

  • Lisa is revising her papers. Bingo walks up to her.
  • Bingo: "So, you want to become student rep?"
  • Lisa notices Bingo and gets a scare.
  • Lisa: "Are you the Rogon prince?"
  • Bingo: "I am. And I want to help you."
  • Lisa: "I don't trust you!"
  • Bingo takes off his camera and loads up Louise and Marilyn's conversation.
  • Bingo: "Tell you what, I can show you this."
  • Bingo lets Lisa listen to the audio of Marilyn's plan.
  • Lisa: "Is that real? Even if it is, everybody would think I'm lying!"
  • Bingo: "If I can't think of a good plan, I will upload this to my YouTube account. I can't upload it yet, now is not the time. So, what do you think now?"
  • Lisa: "Well, can you still help me with my speech?"
  • Bingo: "I'll see if I can help."

A Very Naughty Treet

Part 1

  • Rojo: (shouting) "Stumpy!"
  • Stumpy runs into the king's room.
  • Rojo: "Get me a Diet Cola Shoot from the fridge."
  • Stumpy: "Yes, your highness."
  • Stumpy trips his way down the stairs, heads to the kitchen and opens the fridge, grabs a Diet Cola Shoot for King Rojo and runs back up the stairs.
  • Rojo: (shouting) "Hey! Don't run! You'll make it flat! Grab a different one!"
  • Stumpy puts the can on a table and runs to the kitchen. Before he can head back through to the kitchen, Bingo calls for his attention.
  • Bingo: (shouting) "Stumpy! Get me a can of Cola Shoot!"
  • Stumpy runs to the kitchen and grabs the last can of Diet Cola Shoot from the fridge. There are no full-sugar cans left.
  • Stumpy: (shouting) "There are none left, Bingo! Only one Diet can for the king!"
  • Bingo: (shouting) "There are a few Rogon Coins on a white plate on the kitchen table. Go buy some cans."
  • Stumpy puts the Diet Cola Shoot back in the fridge and grabs the Rogon Coins off the plate. He then heads outside.
  • Rojo: (shouting angrily) "STUM-PY!"
  • Rojo shouting gives Stumpy a fright and causes him to drop a Rogon Coin down a drain, though he does not notice.
  • Stumpy: (shouting back) "We're out of cans! I need to buy more!"

  • Louise is sitting down on the couch, depressed. Her phone suddenly rings.
  • Louise: "Martine?"
  • Louise grabs her phone, answers it and puts it to the right side of her head.
  • Louise: "Hello?"
  • Martine is supposedly crying, though the audience do not hear anything.
  • Louise: "Martine, is something bugging you?"
  • Liane comes into the room.
  • Louise: (to Liane) "It's Martine. I don't have a clue what she's trying to say." (to Martine) "Martine, calm down, breath deeply and tell me what's wrong."

Part 2

The Treet Rainbow

Oink on the Menu

Captain Jack's Pirate Dance

Die a Hero

Children Indeed

  • Marilyn: "Louise, do you ever find Tyh annoying?"
  • Louise: "Nah. He is the least hyper you get!" (giggles)

  • Stumpy: "I hate kids! I hate them! I hate them, hate them, hate them!"
  • Bingo: "Then you must absolutely despise yourself."
  • Stumpy: "I am not a kid, and I was talking about humans!"

Captain Jack Turns the Tables

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