By Faddy, Yakko, AgentP, Wakko, Misty, and Daisy.

Yakko went to the cake factory to hug the Beautiful Hello Nurse, who kicked Doofenshmirtz when Daisy ate a giant sandwich which contained marshmallows and potato chips, causing a tornado to wreck havoc across Phinville airport, where Candace waited to bust Yakko while his plane was taking off from runway 20C. Phineas was there, eating grilled chicken and hot pretzels, and being awesome reading Q&A Wakko in an A380. Dill was flying toward Isabella's house with some awesomesauce in the HUD. Wakko, belching songs, kicked a football to the lavatory with a monkey.


This story is brought to you by the Random-ness Wiki, my Fujifilm Finepix A205 camera, and Wakko.

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