Okay so what you do is you add 3 words at a time. See The Three Word Story 1 if you need help. If you have edited this put your name next to the last one (ONLY PUT IT ONCE) like this: [[User:Example|Whatever you want to be called]] So if your username is Chzbrgr and you want to be called Swiss you would do this: [[User:Chzbrgr|Swiss]]. Also, if you have a category with all the pages you made, add this to it.

By: Wakko,CompliensCreator00,Faves3000,Movies and popcorn, CCs and Cream, OMnomNOMnom brainz R yummy, and Gakko 00:08, March 13, 2011 (UTC) Little One who replaces iron AKA LOWRI meh:o0

Tuesday morning Phineas ate a pizza. He owned an octopus that was made of chicken! He met a wacky inventor.Phineas made an awsome automatic pizza maker.He ate the pizza in one whole.He Met your face. CHICKEN! He met SpongeBob, and they killed Britney Spears for tomatoes belonging to YA FACE! "Don't strimblate the Marshmallow sauce Ferb! the core will implode on us! "Dang." Ferb said. The moustache ruled the world for 37 whole years. SpongeBob went rawr and drank a great big chicken which was too fat for eating. SpongeBob exploded randomly. P Pals ate the random pizza. Meap said, "Meap!"


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