• Woody the cowboy
  • Spongebob
  • Pichu
  • Mario
  • Rigby


  • Dora the explore
  • Boots the monkey (minion)
  • Deigo (Minion)
  • Belly screen guy (minion)
  • Shrek (minion)
  • Ash (Minion)
  • Mordeicai (Minion)


Dor the explore is tired of Swiper,Swiping so she murders Swiper and kills Tico for driving at age 3 years old.Dora pulls out a gun and tells Boots to drive or she'll shoot so he drives off into Toy Story ville where she kidnapps Woody and Buzz but Buzz can't go because he was too fat to fit in the sack so she just took Woody then she headed to the mushroom kingdom and Kindaps Mario then she kindaps Pichu Spongebob and Rigby.And Shrek joined the good guys but pooped in the toilet and Mario did'nt like him so he joined the evil side.So our heroes try and stop Dora but they all get badly hurt but Buzz Lightyear come with Dora's gun with Kilan from that annoying show your brother watches when you come down stairs for breakfast.And Buzz kills Dora then shoots the gun at Boots although Boots hat nothing to do with it he killed boots anyway.Then he kills Ash because he's such a cry baby and will never become a pokemon master.Then kills billy screen guy up his belly.Then Rigby kills Mordeicai and Woody kills rigby then Mario Kills Deigo and Kilan then Buzz kills Mario then Pichu kills itself and Shrek farts so bad a bullet his him and Woody and Buzz are the only one who lives and Buzz says he works alone but might take Woody home and When they fly Buzz lets go of Woody and he dies and Buzz's head gets cut off by Stewie because he likes Woody better than Brian and Stewie do a bet on they both have to shoot eachother and Stewie ends up killing himself while Brian still lives then he slips of Peter who is just lying down and Peter kills Brian who and Peter kills himself.

What should happen next time

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The gang is actually still alive where should Dora go next

The poll was created at 20:42 on June 15, 2011, and so far 7 people voted.

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