IRNTGTBBICFOSIAITMOTSD = I Really Need To Go To The Bathroom But I Cannot Find One Since I Am In The Middle Of The Sahara Desert

TTFN = "Toot Toot" For Nothing

BTARHTCAOSIIATLTPPSBUTWOLBSFN = Blue Toilets Are Really Hard To Come Across Of Since It Is Against The Law To Paint Plumbing Supplies Blue Unless They Were Once Licked By Sheep From Nevada

LOL = Lick Our Lumberjacks

TMBDTBDIFBOCADFISSWAMBHSODSTIWHMPWHL...DDD = That Mean Buffalo Deserves To Be Dunked In Fifteen Batches Of Chocolate And Deep Fried In Spaghetti Sauce Without Any Meatballs Because He Stole Our Donuts So That Is Why He Must Pay With His Life... DA DA DA

IAWTSACBBWIGN1APORO2MASMBISSARB2MHWICMIABIMSPSPD...PD...TSF... P = I've Always Wanted To Smell A Cheese Ball But Whenever I Get Near One A Police Officer Runs Over To Me And Shoots Me But I Somehow Survive And Run Back To My House Where I Cradle Myself Into A Ball In My Sister's Pirate Ship's Poop Deck... Poop Deck... That Sounds Funny... Pooooooop...

BRB = Butts Rob Banks

TTYL = Turn Toilets Yellow, Larry

ROFL = Real Or Fiction,Larry

BTW = Bite Trumpets, Will

G2G = Greedy To Grapes

Now I challenge you to text one friend one of these text words! For example, you can say "Stop being G2G".


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