Dash s dark side of the moon by resistance of faith-d3a1jdr

It's the dark side of the Rainbow Dash! LOLOLOLOL. You know, like that one random synch. RANDOMNESS!

Surprise! There's a picture here! It's the dark side of the Rainbow Dash! You know, like that whole synched album with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and the movie The Wizard of Oz...You know, that, plus DARING DO I mean, RAINBOW DASH!!!!1

Welly welly well...

I bet you're thinking, "hmmm. the title of this article says there's no pictures but there is in fact a picture. That's pretty random...but I bet that's the only picture in this article." Well, if you thought that, guess what? YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

SKA-POW! It's the Bill of Rights. Bet you weren't expecting that, hunh? Pretty random, amiright? Pretty craaaaaaaaAzy.

Not every day you go to a randomness wiki, click on an article titled "This article has no pictures" only to be COMPLETELY LIED TO NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE!!!

I mean, come on. IT'S the Bill of Rights! And believe me, these rights costed a lot. (See what I did there? It was a pun.)

something else I like

Cookies! and Cheese! But not together. But DANCING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



so by now I've thrown you for quite a loop I'm sure

But oh just you wait. I'm not done yet, no sir. Just when you thought this random article couldn't get any more random, check this out -

It's a picture of philosopher Immanuel Kant!

(which is actually kind of funny if you think about it because Kant believed in never telling lies and here he is in an article that's very clearly lying about having no pictures when there is, in fact, plenty of pictures)







800px-Monosodium glutamate crystals
Now that, dear sirs, is random.

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