Toy Story 4 is a direct sequel to Toy Story 3


Andy is slowly driving off to college when he realizes he misses his toys. He backs up at super sawnik speed and runs over Bonnie. He grabs his toys, and buttercup (because he like unicorns.... a lot... if you know what I mean) through the window. He runs away to colloge where he hides out and never goes to any classes. He dies at age 54 and developed mental issues due to never getting outside. Also Buzz gets another new language mode, the language MarioTehPlumber speaks.


Toy Story 4 was very controversal. A big reason was because Andy died. Another reason was due to it's length.


Andy:Thanks guys.

(Andy drives away)

Woody:So long partner

(Andy drives to collage)

Andy:Aww to heck with it!

(Andy turns back)

Bonnie:Mommy he's back!

(Bonnie dies Andy takes the toys)

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