Promotional poster. Put this on your profile and delete your other pics!

Do not edit unless you are Dr. Whatchamacallit!

EPIC STORY is an upcoming random story that will be posted by Dr. Whatchamacallit in July 2011. It will star a bunch of peeps. If you do not read it, you will self destruct the instant you decide not to. Oooooh! The poster has a pickle on it! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Plot of DOOM!

When the evil Pikachu destroys the Pickle of Randomness, the driving force of all randomness, every random thing on Earth is affected. It's up to a ragtag team of toons to go across the universe, recover the pieces of the pickle, and ultimately stop Pikachu before all randomness disappears!


Read the poster, you stupid mother killer!

Production of it all!!!!!!

Production will begin on July 5, 2011. It will be edited once a week. It should be finished by January 2012. And junk. I like peanut butter.

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