Well first if you know abot wait....sorry i was killing a orange but if you know abot the show Umineko No Naku Koro Ni you are gonna love this.>o<.

Well the characters here are sacrified

  • Kanon
  • Jessica
  • Maria
  • Battler
  • Kyrie
  • kinzo
  • Rosa
  • Shannon
  • Geroge
  • Eva
  • Eva-beatrice
  • Ange
  • Beatrice
  • Rena (Higurashi)

Well hear goes...........

Maria-Can't find rosie uuuu

Rosa-Maria what the hell are you looking for.

Battler-Were looking for hre stupid rose


Rosa-(Slaps maria) Shut up with that UUUU sound!!!

Battler-Well Rosa oba san you don't have to slap her.

Rosa-(Slaps Battler)-Didn't I tell you not to make that uuu sound.

Battler-What the.... I didn't make a uuu sound

Rosa-(Slaps Battler agian)-Don't ever corret your aunt.

Battler-Dont slap other people kid's.

Rosa-Oh I am sorry I thought you were meap.

Battler-Who the hell is meap.

Rosa-(slaps Battler)Never curse at your aunt.

Let us go to a different story

Rosa-Well Who gave Maria a white umbrella.

Kanon-No not me iI was making out with Milady

Jessica-You thick headed furniture.

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