So one day a mango and coconut were walking on the beach when a random apple ran into them. "AHHHHHHHHHH my pizza is gone," She shouted. MANGO screamed at the top of his lungs while Coconut punched himselfs.... (everyone help the story!!!)

(I'll help!) The parrot named Pizza came in and went, "I'm right here! EAT PIE!" He threw a pie at at Coconut while doing jumpingjacks.

Coconut got mad and pulled out a.... BOMB

Everyone gasps and coconut smiles and eats the bomb.

As Peter Smith walked in, he was eating a coconut flavored cookie. He saw Coconut and ran for his life, but since he is very slow, he had to use his amazing running back skills to juke out, power through, and not outrun Coconut.

Chad Smith then proceeded to walk in and elbow Coconut in the face.


Mr. T came in and yelled, "I PITY THE FOOL!" Pizza smacked Mr. T and sent him running back home.

Dr. Octogonapus walked in and yelled, "DR. OCTAGONAPUS, BLARGH!", firing his lazah directly into Mr. T, who then pitied the fool and let him off easy.

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