Wile E. Coyote

  • Wile E. is so smart he's a scientist
  • Wile E. & nephew Calamity VS Road & Beeper
  • Wiley & Calamity
  • Now heres something you don't see Wiley do.
  • Wiley running for a roast beeper! GET HIM!!!!!!!
Wile E. Coyote is a cartoon character from the Looney Tunes series of cartoons, whose sole purpose in life is to catch and dispatch the Road Runner consistently and constantly failing in his efforts, of course, and receiving the injuries himself. For this purpose he purchases increasingly ludicrous and unfeasible contraptions by mail-order from the ACME mail-order supplies company. His best friend is Whinny Horse & Pac-Man & has 2 brothers Tech E. Coyote & Josh Coyote. He is also married to [[Trixie Coyote | Trixie Coyote
Wile e s pac class by mrjoshbumstead-d3l6k4u

I drew this


He chases the bird but fails...........................OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is smart though.

Quote: Wiley Coyote Super Genuis.

He also tried to go afet Bugs Bunny once.

Wiley when he was a kid used to love to eat snot sandwhiches. But he learned that snot is unhealthy to eat so he stopped that bad habbit.

He liked to play Pac-Man Party, New Super Mario Bros. Wii & Call Of Duty Blackopps. He dosnt like video games about murdering people. Only roadrunners.
If Wiley ever caught the Road Runner he said he would take Elvisis place.
Smoke on the Daughter Looney Tunes

Wile E. Coyote on The Simpsons

Wiley blows up

TNT is Wileys worst enemy.

The guy also always gets blown up. BUT HE NEVER DIES!!!!!! Thats ok because hes lucky.

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