Xanjifo Afkipa is a giant robot that is evil and likes eating deep fried keyboards.

Xanjifo Afkipa!!!!1!

Not much is known about him, except that he is a giant robot that is evil and is a fan of Destiny's Child. He is Epic Ninja Man's and Loki's biggest enemy. He destroys San Fransisco and the 5658679367856397889347934745837th Dimension battling Epic Ninja Man.


He can shoot lasers from his eyes. He is giant so he can crush huge buildings with his feet. His toungue will blow up anything it touches. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Super Awesome Quotes!!!!!!!

"Sjkal fbnjfpab hv laljosd?"


"Wiopdnjfuiondjbodhufbu. I njkbah bsoeiucb."

"Asiieh ksisn oolwn, aisopahn!"

"Paj ioswp sieophu iopwji j sohuiobh pqoej qiibh."

"Re jrs l jios jrk jieo ioqwoe alow wiioe. Qowj?"

"Qwkw ji kdkllp iueopw xkh zliij!"

"Yowio ooqi lali ppju. Ispp aooap oi k kla?"

"Melovo rhhsajshdb Destiny's Child!!!!!!!!!"


"S hudfduf udisbdooijdb uwuieobsuaosw! Jdufub siaosidu as osod kdidoados."

Can you read?

No!!!!!!!!! I just can't! Just kidding!

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