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All hail YouTube!

Here's a creed I made up for YouTube!

Respect fellow YouTubers. Always make them laugh by posting a Fail video. Show them your creative skills by making a Super Smash Bros. Brawl vid. Make sure it's funny, too. Post lyrics to a song the a bunch of people already know. Do not reply to the ones called "trolls"; they are not worth your precious time. Make plenty of video; gain lots of views. Be famous like Fred. That boy is funny. Be the best at everything relating to YouTube. Become YouTube God/Goddess. Rule over the YouTube universe, but do not let power get to your head.

The motto of YouTube: As a fellow YouTuber, respect the awesomeness of YouTube. Broadcast Yourself; heck, I don't care.

Thank you for reading the YouTube Creed. Now, subscribe to me on YouTube.

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