C.C.'s Pizza

Look at C.C. eating her Pizza Hut. I want some.

So, like, random things are AWESOME! Here's a random thing right now:

Makina: "Teacher, I don't have my homework."

Teacher: "Why? All you had to do was figure out when our favorite half-dog demon was born."

Makina: "Yeah...but you see, my cat ate it and then proceeded to light it on fire."

Teacher: "Oh, well in that case, I give you an A++."

Makina: "Thank you, teacher."

Teacher: "Please call me Bond. James Bond.

See what I did just now?! SEE IT?!?! Everything random is awesome. You know it is. Don't disobey me, either.

Take Super Smash Bros. Brawl for an example. SSBB is awesome. See, here is my random opinion on ALL the characters:

Ike: MAJOR hottie.

Marth: Also MAJOR hottie.

Yoshi: cute.

Pikachu: Pikachu!!!!!

Samus/Zero Suit Samus: My cousin thinks she's hot.

Zelda/Sheik: So, is like Sheik a girl or something.

Solid Snake: Solid Snake is in the house! I never played a Metal Gear Solid game in my life!!!!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Go, Sonic!

Bowser: Roar.

Mario: It's a me, Mario!

Peach: Oh, did I win? Duh, of course you won, silly. You won internet.

Ice Climbers: They brother & sister, right.

Roy: Oh, I'm sorry. You're not in SSBB...

Luigi: OMG Weegee!

Lucario: Why does everytime he takes damage, he gets stronger? WTF?!

Pit: Can't wait to play Kid Icarus: Uprising!

Wario: Stinky evil fat fool.

King Dedede: I just like saying his name in a really deep voice.

Lelouch: Don't worry, we'll get you in the next Super Smash Bros. game. I promise, cutie pie.

Wolf: What's the matter, scared?

Falco: Personally, I prefer the air.

Fox: No Fox, nobody wants to see you do a barrel roll.

Pokemon Trainer: Uhh... POKEMON!

R.O.B.: My name is R.O.B. and you'll do as I say. BEEP BEEP!

Diddy Kong: Wearing a Nintendo hat because...?

Meta Knight: God Tier.

Pikmin & Olimar: I didn't even know you existed. Well, half the people I didn't know until SSBB, so I should just shut up.

Lucas: Umm... *insert something here, please.*

Ness: Okay!

Link: *never talks*

Toon Link: *for some reason, I want to pet him on the head.*

Jigglypuff: Reminds me of a girl Kirby.

Kirby: HI!

Mr. Game & Watch: Don't EVER make fun of his name. He's AWESOME!!!!

Ganondorf: Why do people say he's a clone of Captain Falcon?

Captain Falcon: C'mon! Show me your moves!

Donkey Kong: Give back Pauline!

Inuyasha: I know he isn't in Brawl! I wish he was... cute little doggy ears.

I believe I have everybody. Half those weren't even opinions.

See how things can be so freakin' random? Heck, look at the title! Well, I am getting bored. I gotta go think up plans about getting Lelouch & Inuyasha in the next Super Smash Bros. game...

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